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Creating the framework for a Science based, sustainability focused, AI integrated Socioeconomic System

Re-Evolution World is building a transformative socioeconomic model that places people and the planet at its core. Utilizing science-based methods, sustainability principles, and AI-driven insights, this approach fosters ecological balance and community empowerment. Through actionable resources and data-driven strategies, Re-Evolution World aims to catalyze systemic change and inspire a new paradigm of regenerative living…


A New Design for a Decentralised, Circular Economy and Governance model...Co Create an Eco Startup Society

A framework for moving beyond traditional governments and central banks…

Decentralised Digital Direct Democracy


Harness Ancient Wisdom and Exponential Technology to Maximise Your Potential and Healthspan/Longevity

Inspired by the Original cultures of Australia, South America, North America and the Shaolin Temples…whilst combining the latest peer reviewed science, advancements in technology and Artificial Intelligence…Re-Evolution World seeks to provide a framework for creating Regenerative, Universal, Abundance in all aspects of your LIfe…


100% Renewable Energy - Community Owned and Operated
Decentralised Digital Direct Democracy
(Regenerative Universal Abundance) RUA AI ALGORITHM
Blockchain Based Resource Sharing - Accountability and Transparency
Sustainability Equals Sovereignty
Artificial General Intelligence, the AI Singularity and Maximising Your Potential
Co Creating a New Decentralised Country
Longevity Bridges and Maximising HealthSpan

Events, Workshops, Presentations...

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Re-Evolution World summit 21-25/03/2024
Ourimbah (Central Coast), NSW, Australia

For anyone interested in Co-Creating an Eco Startup Society and Maximising their Potential via a synthesis of Ancient Wisdom and Exponential Technology (AI and blockchain focus)...

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We are building a hub of knowledge and information that aims to empower Sentients. Covering a diverse range of topics related to sustainability, regenerative economics, decentralized governance, and more.

Collaborations and Co Creations

Join our community and participate in our events, workshops, and presentations. We bring together thought leaders, experts, and enthusiasts to share their ideas, experiences, and solutions. Our events are designed to inspire and empower you to become an active participant in creating a Regenerative, Universal, and Abundant future.

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